Published Date: 31-Jul-2019
The EZELINK WiFi6 Access Point is based on the most technologically advanced Qualcomm chipset

It allows best in quality to the networks of large corporations. The industry’s leading 802.11ax access point (Wi-Fi 6), which offers the most advanced solutions in the field of wireless communications. This revolutionary 11ax access point is interesting from all sides. Here, both physical antenna rebuilding, OFDMA support — orthogonal frequency division multiple access, and information multiplexing due to QAM 1024 modulation support, which allows increasing the number of bits of transmitted information per 1 Hz of the frequency range and marking packets in channels. Plus, configuration flexibility and high data rates:

– work in the most popular configurations;
– support network upgrade without significant restructuring;
– meeting the current and expected needs of devices and applications;
– backward compatibility with outdated Wi-Fi standards;
– uplink and downlink MU-MIMO channels, which ensures optimum signal and reception reliability;
– restoration of the capacity and coverage of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

In addition, it supports management at the organization level, including mass configuration of access points, which allows businesses to immediately deploy it in existing switching infrastructures without harming their budgets or resources.

In real conditions, wireless networks hardly cope with the tasks, but the main reason is not that the existing standards do not have enough transmission speed. It’s just that there are too many devices – in practice it’s not possible to achieve theoretical indicators because of the forced wait until the transmission medium is released, the mutual influence of nearby access points, etc. And over time, the problem is aggravated. Therefore, when developing the next version of the standard WiFi Alliance has paid more attention to improving the efficiency of the wireless network.

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