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EZELINK Telecom’s carrier products enable service providers around the world to enhance customer experience by offering secure, personalized, seamless and fully integrated Carrier solutions.

Carrier Products

The range of carrier products contains everything you need to launch and monetize new services, as well as to scale, adapt, and compete as a market leader. EZELINK offers end-to-end products covering multiple market segments enabling carriers to extend their coverage and customer base with profitable returns. It integrates seamlessly with various access and mobile core network vendors using standards-based and open interfaces.

Wireless Access Gateway
EZELINK's WAG is the ideal Carrier-class gateway solution for deploying large scale wired and wireless network solutions. With the power of an intelligent decision-making engine, it can do both local internet breakout as well as tunneling towards the mobile core network. EZELINK's WAG is a converged gateway of WAG, TTG, and TWAG solution. Besides, EZEWAG also supports built-in DHCP, CGNAT, Advanced QoS, and Lawful Intercept functions apart from other standard gateway features.
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Subscriber Management Platform
EZELINK's Subscriber Management Platform benefits telecom service providers in building an intelligent network that provides differentiated services for each subscriber. At the same time, it allows them to maintain control over the use of network resources. EZESMP's functions enable us to visualize subscriber activity and define user policies. It also supports multiple billing and charging options, manage allocated resources to optimize individual client offers, and maximize profit.
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WiFi Monetization Platform
EZELINK's Carrier-Grade WiFi Monetization platform enables telcos to gain new revenue sources by generating new leads and monetizing public WiFi. CSPs can implement advertising strategies and targeted campaigns for the most receptive audience using behavioral information, real-time location, user's interests, and insightful analytics. Any content can be targeted either online or offline by way of Portal announcements, discount offers, Brand awareness, or even simple event-based notifications in email or SMS.
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Insightful Analytics Platform
EZELINK's Insightful Analytics system assists telco operators in providing insightful data obtained through the use of analytics. It helps businesses grow while identifying areas of opportunity, address areas of pain-points, and enhances decision-making criteria. EZEInsights harnesses the data obtained through multiple sensors, correlates, and enriches the data across various data sources. The processed data passes through EZEInsights analytical engine and provides a meaningful report that shall increase customer understanding, behavioral patterns, and provide customer engagement opportunities.
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Network Management System
EZELINK's centralized operations, administration, and maintenance system effectively monitors and manages all of the network components. It supports multiple system-level and KPI monitoring metrics that enables the operations team to quickly and effectively monitor and manage the network. The NMS also serves as a centralized log collector of all then network elements. The logs are categorized into multiple levels, viz. critical, major, and info. Thresholds can be defined, and trigger alerts upon exceeding the threshold limits.
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Captive Portal Management
CMS helps to secure the wifi network access, blocking anonymous traffic, branded login page templates and giving authorized users access by multiple authentication methods. Captive portal controls the use of internet for end users and force to perform variety of actions like entering username/password, fill out a survey, fill out registration form, purchase a billing plan, view an advertisement or accept a set of terms & conditions before being allowed to access the internet.
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      It is important for us to inform customers of our latest products and services. However, if you find that the information you receive is not relevant, we provide you the appropriate options to help you manage your communication preferences.

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