Published Date: 5-Dec-2022
High-Density Wireless Network to boost Guest Experience at Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens

Dubai, UAE – December 05, 2022: Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, the Middle East’s premier sporting event, witnessed a groundbreaking transformation in connectivity, thanks to EZELINK’s cutting-edge Wi-Fi solutions. With a legacy of excellence in designing high-density wireless networks, EZELINK rose to the challenge of providing seamless connectivity for thousands of spectators, vendors, and media personnel at the iconic Sevens Stadium.

Event Overview: Dubai Sevens is synonymous with adrenaline-pumping action and unparalleled excitement, attracting over 100,000 passionate fans annually. As the event continues to grow in scale and significance, Emirates Group partnered with EZELINK to revolutionize game-day operations and enhance the in-stadium experience for attendees.

Wi-Fi Deployment Highlights: The collaboration between Emirates Group and EZELINK resulted in several key achievements:

  • Stadium-wide Connectivity: EZELINK’s high-density Wi-Fi network ensured uninterrupted connectivity across the vast expanse of Sevens Stadium, covering spectator areas, retail outlets, entertainment zones, and management facilities.
  • Tailored Sub-Networks: A total of 36 sub-networks were meticulously designed to cater to diverse requirements, including point-of-sale systems, media broadcasting, security scanners, and guest internet access.
  • Record Deployment: Despite the complexity of the project, EZELINK successfully deployed the WLAN network in just 21 days, a testament to its expertise and efficiency.

Challenges Overcome: The implementation of a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure at Dubai Sevens presented several challenges, including:

  • Massive Coverage Area: With approximately 1.04 million square feet to cover, deploying adequate access points while ensuring seamless connectivity posed a logistical challenge.
  • Diverse User Requirements: Addressing the connectivity needs of diverse stakeholders, including spectators, vendors, media personnel, and event organizers, demanded a comprehensive and scalable solution.
  • Tight Deployment Schedule: The project required meticulous planning and execution to meet the tight deployment schedule without compromising on quality or performance.

Success and Recognition: The successful collaboration between Emirates Group and EZELINK resulted in an unparalleled connectivity experience for attendees at Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens. By leveraging EZELINK’s expertise, the event organizers were able to enhance game-day operations, streamline communication, and elevate the overall spectator experience.

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