Published Date: 6-Sep-2021
EZELINK continues to expand its Middle East Footprint, opening Muscat branch office
EZELINK Oman Office

EZELINK is glad to announce the opening of another branch office in Muscat that will primarily offer sales, consulting and after-sales support for our existing and upcoming clients in Oman. As part of EZELINK’s expansion strategy, the Muscat branch is one of the several locations EZELINK operates in GCC besides Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh.

EZELINK is one of the leading manufacturers of wireless products including Access Points, Bandwidth Management, Gateways, Controllers and products for telcos like TWAG, Monetization, NMS, Analytics, SMP and DDI. Oman is one of our key markets, and in order to further strengthen our local market presence, we have established a branch office in Muscat. “Only locally we can care for the customers in a market as important for us as Oman” notes EZELINK.

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