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IoT – Internet of Things
Digital Transformation
Connecting New and Existing Devices
Devices and Data Protection with Important Analytics

EZELINK internet of things products & solutions allows you to connect IoT devices securely with the sensors applications. The Internet of Things for enterprises allows you to collect and analyze data from connected resources, people and places, offering actionable analytics in a digital environment.

Connect devices using many different protocols and standards, combine data streams and optimize the collected data based on its suitability and context. Enforced strict security standards to protect data during storage and transfer, enforced detailed access controls, and monitor and track suspicious behavior.

EZELINK IoT solution offers:
IoT Network
EZELINK can help you by connecting, integrating and securing data from IoT devices and sensors which are critical to the any IoT Network.
IoT Management
IoT Network Management from low-cost and low complexity solution to multiple independent end nodes that perform sensing and actuation and send data to cloud.
IoT Network Security
IoT allow devices to connect to the internet which opens a number of serious vulnerabilities, EZELINK addresses all the concerns regarding safeguarding of connected devices and networks.
IoT Connectivity
Multiple and convenient connectivity methods including cellular, broadband, 4G, 5G to meet the needs of low complexity IoT devices, ultra high reliability and industrial automation applications of global manufacturers.
IoT Cloud
EZELINK IoT cloud offers and efficient, flexible and scalable model needed to power IoT devices and applications for businesses with limited resources. Our IoT cloud services leverage the potential of IoT without having to build the underlying infrastructure.
IoT Trends
Future The Internet of Things keeps us connected with over 25 billion devices, and that number will triple in 5 years.
IoT Sensors At the end of 2019 there were 7.6 billion active IoT devices, a figure which will grow to 24.1 billion in 2030.
5G 5G Networks will continue to fuel IoT growth in coming years.

Invest in Technologies that Enable Collaboration

Smart City WiFi Network of IoT, Solar Panels, Waste Management, Traffic Congestion, Monitoring and many more.

IoT Networks can connect and recieve real time data from number of below solutions, which can help city DOTs to make the networks safer and more efcient. Please read below some of the IoT solution entities:

Traffic Congestion

Public transportation systems use IoT sensors to detect congestion and bottlenecks in traffic patterns. They also rely on cameras to enforce speed and traffic infractions.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars shuttle people in and out of the city, providing rides for others and making deliveries while their owners are occupied with work or other activities.

Fire Detection

IoT Sensors monitor conditions in public parks and wooded areas that might be prone to fire. IoT Sensors can also detect fires in buildings and initiate a call to the city fire department in an emergency.


Platooning trucks carry freight efficiently from the port to their final destination. IoT based inventory Systems inform operators about when freight is moved between different locations.

Water Monitoring

IoT based monitoring devices can detect leaks as well as changes in water pressure to determine whether City water infrastructure is working properly.

Bridge Inspection

IoT Sensors monitor the structural soundness of bridges and inform city engineers of any issues. Drones are used to inspect hard to reach areas.

Waste Management Sensors

IoT Sensors detect the amount of garbage in receptacles around the city so that sanitation workers can maximize efficiency in their routes.


Led lights are weather adaptive and communications are automatically sent to the city department of public works when the bulbs need to be changed.

Vehicle Fleet Communication

Public transit and city fleet vehicles communicate with their home agency when it is time for maintenance or replacement.


Cameras ensure security by monitoring activity in areas that are not frequented by public safety officers. Areas that are not open to public access can be monitored to keep unauthorized personnel out.

Body Cameras

Public safety officers can wear body cameras that capture footage of interactions between themselves and city residents to ensure safety for both parties.

Wearable Detection

Cities can build in smartphone and wearable detection sensors so that people can be an active part of the internet ecosystem, communicating with the city, and with each other.

Solar Panels

Solar panels can be monitored to determine how much energy they are providing and whether they need maintenance.

Parking & Kiosks

Apps coordinate with smart parking meters to inform drivers of where there is parking availability.

Energy Monitoring

Power plants can be monitored for safety and city officials can be informed of any influx in radiation levels.

Broadband Infrastructure

City-wide internet ecosystem is the glue that holds the internet of things together.

To know How EZELINK's IoT Solutions can help the the industry automation and urban monitoring and development services, click below to contact us.
IoT Network Solution
EZELINK end-to-end IoT solutions enable smart industries, smart living and smart enterprises and deliver connected experiences by connecting assets, operations/logistics, and services.

Carrier-class gateway solution for large scale wired and wireless network

Advanced Wireless Security to protect the users and networks from malicious and unscrupulous traffic.

Personalized services for each subscriber, control over the use of Network resources

Multiple policy definitions, billing and charging options

Monetization platform for Guest Wireless networks

Targeted customer's Ads based on gender, nationality, age group, language etc.

Wide range of pre-defined responsive captive portals

Select multiple different types of authentication with a single-click

Special event module allows for easy configuration and deployment

Unlimited concurrent user capability

EZELINK Major Clients
Deliver excellent guest experience by meeting today’s mobile
expectations and critical day to day network operations.

Delivering customize solutions as per your requirement by the help of our Research & Development Team.

Because software never sleeps, technology is designed from the outset with future-proof hardware inside, capable of supporting new features which are added over the lifetime of every product. The result is an investment which grows and pays back over time, with powerful features like Location Analytics, Enterprise Mobility Management and developer-friendly APIs.

Our Products

Carrier & Enterprise product ecosystem empowers strategic partners to stay ahead
of the race. Coupled with cutting edge technology & 24/7 proactive Managed Services, our
approach has always been customer-centric.

HSIA Bandwidth Management
Enterprise-grade HSIA appliance for bandwidth management and network optimization.
Wireless LAN Controller
Reliable, scalable, robust in meeting the ever-increasing needs of professionally demanding networks.
Wireless Access Point
Support high-bandwidth services such as VR/AR, interactive teaching, HD video streaming, multimedia and high-quality wireless services for enterprises.
Content Management System
Create and manage your captive portals as per your business requirements and aesthetics.
3G/4G/LTE Mobile Gateway
Dual band smart and fully managed 3G/LTE/4G Wi-Fi cloud gateway specially designed and built for transportation (Taxi, Bus, Marine, etc.)
Centralized Cloud Management
EZECLOUD is the cloud-based Bandwidth Management, AP Management and Content Management in a unified platform.

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