Event WiFi Solution For Temporary Outdoor Festivals And Trade Shows
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Portable WiFi Solutions
From 100 to 100,000 Individuals
Temporary WiFi Solutions
Fast reliable access to the internet for the short to mid-term events

We provide portable WiFi solutions for any outdoor, short to mid-term events, depending on your needs, the number of users or the place where your event takes place, we deploy one or more mobile WiFi terminals broadcasting one or more network SSID as per your requirements. 3G/4G/LTE mobile gateway connecting with internet, means no location is too remote and no venue is off limits across GCC

Organizing a trade show, festival, business event in a hotel or conference centre with existing wifi infrastructure will result in bandwidth issues as most of the hotels and conference centres won’t provide enough bandwidth to a large number of users at a same time. A poor wifi connection damages the brand value and won’t impress the attendees. Give everyone high speed wifi to share pictures and videos creating a buzz word to make your event successful.

  • Seure & Scalable
  • High-density WiFi
  • Captive Portal and Splash Page
  • Network Monitoring
  • Usage Reports
  • Dedicated Site Engineer
  • 24/7 Network Support
The EZELINK Events WiFi solution offers:
Enterprise Access Points
Enterprise-grade access points for wide coverage and reliable connectivity
Hotspot Controller
Secure and Centralized WiFi Access Point Management & Configuration
Branded Captive Portals
Location based and customized WiFi Login Page, Multiple Authentication Methods
Bandwidth & Policy Management
PMS Integration, Hotel Promotions, System Alerts & Notifications, WiFi Monetization
Powerful Dashboard
Customer Database, WiFi Usage Trends, User Behavior, Peak and Off-peak time
Technology Trends
59% Choose to work with a WiFi technology provider to support their Events.
78% Think that WiFi availability and performance is still a big issue for the Events Industry
84% receive online registrations to increase their client reach.

Enterprise-grade WiFi solution, ensuring maximum speeds with 99.99% reliability to support operations and provide a positive experience for users.

User Management

Multiple authentication methods including email, SMS, social media, vouchers and online payment, role-based policy enforcement and detailed user logs provides enterprises control over each and every WiFi user.

Mobile Offloading

WiFi offloading for mobile operator networks to alleviate network congestion, increase coverage, and enable added-value to subscribers, seamless WiFi experience for public hotspot locations.

Branded Login Pages

Make your login page the first port-of-call to grow your brand and to enhance your omnichannel marketing.


Promote products or services on the Wi-Fi portal. Customers can be directed to specific landing page to find more information on sales or products.

Content Filtering

Limit the sites your customers can visit by filtering the URL and content. This prevents customers from abusing the network

Active Monitoring

Monitors the system to check the internet connection and hardware, and automatically reports faults.

Bandwidth management

Bandwidth management through our unique controller that allows you to configure all the access points with one unique click without the need to even be on site.

Social Media Integrations

Your customers can connect to your WiFi using their social media login credentials, add social links to encourage customers to interact with your brand socially; immediately boosting your social media presence.

Cloud Managed

Our Smart Hotspot system can be completely deployed in a cloud enviroment, this gives you the power to controll several branches including the WI-Fi, from one centralized location.

System Integration

Our solution are fully created by us and can be integrated with basically any system, either is a PMS, POS, attendance system, CRM, passenger counter, a ticketing system using QR codes, you name it. Bring us the challenge and we won't disappoint you.

Limit Access

Not everyday is a good day to give access to the internet, easily manage this by defining which days are not suitable for providing access to the Internet to the students. This can be managed by student, class or an entire year.

User Analytics

EZELINK offers businesses, venues and municipal or public wireless deployments data-rich insights to help make increasingly informed, customer-centric decisions, digital activity and customer habits. We focus on connecting to enhance marketing and campaign measurement for the best returns on investment.

Independent Software & Hardware Vendor of Managed WiFi

Multi-Site Management
Interested in how EZELINK’s solutions can help you resolve Wi-Fi connectivity issues for your upcoming Events? Get in touch with us now!
Engage attendees during the event and facilitate attendee-to-performer interaction.

Reinvent the speaking experience for corporate events

Engage remote attendees by streaming your event live.

Better sales opportunity at trade shows through live product demonstrations

Gain insights into your attendees' behavior and preferences.

Staff cost savings through virtual concierge and chatbots

24/7 support and easy deployment

Differentiate between public and private traffic to optimize bandwidth

Enhance corporate branding

EZELINK Major Clients
Deliver excellent guest experience by meeting today’s mobile
expectations and critical day to day network operations.

Delivering customize solutions as per your requirement by the help of our Research & Development Team.

Our team carefully determine the goals and objectives of the product, formulate user requirements and expectations. Product Manager interaction with the customer's management, is responsible for the fact that the functional specifications meet the requirements of users and business priorities.

Our Products

Carrier & Enterprise product ecosystem empowers strategic partners to stay ahead
of the race. Coupled with cutting edge technology & 24/7 proactive Managed Services, our
approach has always been customer-centric.

HSIA Bandwidth Management
Enterprise-grade HSIA appliance for bandwidth management and network optimization.
Wireless LAN Controller
Reliable, scalable, robust in meeting the ever-increasing needs of professionally demanding networks.
Wireless Access Point
Support high-bandwidth services such as VR/AR, interactive teaching, HD video streaming, multimedia and high-quality wireless services for enterprises.
Content Management System
Create and manage your captive portals as per your business requirements and aesthetics.
3G/4G/LTE Mobile Gateway
Dual band smart and fully managed 3G/LTE/4G Wi-Fi cloud gateway specially designed and built for transportation (Taxi, Bus, Marine, etc.)
Centralized Cloud Management
EZECLOUD is the cloud-based Bandwidth Management, AP Management and Content Management in a unified platform.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements:

From inside UAE Call at 800 WiFi (9434) and outside UAE +971 4 277 1131

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      It is important for us to inform customers of our latest products and services. However, if you find that the information you receive is not relevant, we provide you the appropriate options to help you manage your communication preferences.

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