Published Date: 30-Mar-2020
Sumitomo financial Group Office WiFi and real time network reporting

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, with banking operations as a foundation, offers a broad array of banking, credit card, leasing, information, investment securities, and other financial services. The Management was looking for a secure and smart Wi-Fi with high-performance and zero connectivity issues throughout the corporate building. EZELINK provided the IT team with a cloud-based system that simplified the deployment, management, and reporting processes related to Wi-Fi devices.

EZELINK office access points and wireless controller streamlined the deployment and management and enabled the IT team to monitor Wi-Fi performance and generate real-time reports. Extended Wi-Fi coverage to the building’s ground floor lobby, outdoor courtyard and lounge allowed employees to use their mobile devices and laptop computers when they are not physically in the office

EZELINK industry-leading office wireless infrastructure that works securely with RDP, to simplify the firmware upgrade process.

Wireless Gateway Access to IT team provided with centralized management of access points, devices, usage, and reporting. Our team resolved the issues such as slow (or no) Wi-Fi access in certain areas and dropped connections. Enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and performance of in-office and outdoor hotspots enabled smooth live streaming of company events on mobile devices.

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