Published Date: 1-Oct-2017
Ezelink Facilitates A Better Education

In 2015 EZELINK deployed the EZEGATE, the EZECONTROLLER and several Access Points throughout the indoor areas of the Swiss International Scientific School and with the latest expansion of  the deployment EZELINK is asked to extend their Wi-Fi services to cover the new indoor and outdoor areas within the school including the boarding house for students. 

The Swiss International Scientific School has a capacity of 2,442 students including a boarding house for 350 students, EZELINK covered the total of 54,000 sq. ft. EZELINK has deployed the latest EZEAC1750 and EZE AC1750AO products from EZELINK’s in-house manufacturers which are built to offer flexibility and scalability for the future.

EZELINK Sales & Marketing Director Mr. Kabbani says “The Swiss International Scientific School is a unique campus and we are proud to facilitate better education through supported WiFi which provides students and staff with the ability to work and connect in all areas of the school campus indoors & outdoors including the boarding house for students.”

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