Published Date: 15-Jul-2019
EZELINK 5G WiFi CPE opens up a new era of communication, offering a new level of performance and speed of data loading.

EZELINK introduces the 5G WiFi CPE, a device that provides ultra-high speed broadband access, accelerating at speeds beyond imagination and intelligent dual-link functionality. Ensure maximum quality of communication, regardless of the distance to the connected device. The CPE provided a breakthrough in the deployment of 5G based WiFi network systems. We will work closely with our customers and partners to grasp 5G innovation opportunities and jointly step into new era of 5G.

New unique features of the router EZELINK 5G WiFi CPE, supports broadband coverage in the Sub-5 GHz sub-band, the theoretical download speed is 4.6 Gbps. The actual download speed of EZELINK 5G WiFi CPE in commercial networks reaches 1.5 Gbps. EZELINK 5G WiFi CPE also supports commercial applications for dual-mode 4G and 5G elements. Dual-mode elements allow devices, originally intended for 4G, to provide 5G coverage without serious loads.

Embodying a number of new technologies, the EZELINK 5G WiFi CPE is the most compact device currently available in mobile WiFi market. Equipped with dual heat sinks with high thermal conductivity and a streamlined aerodynamic design, the EZELINK 5G WiFi CPE can withstand long-lasting and intense load without sacrificing performance. The vertical holes beside the casing creates the effect of a “chimney”, increasing the efficiency of heat dissipation by 30%, and allows the device to be cooled faster by convection.

The speed of the 5G network in the EZELINK 5G WiFi CPE has increased by 60 percent. An HD video clip can be downloaded in seconds, which demonstrates an increase in download speed by 21 times compared to the 4G network.

The device also supports EZELINK Smart technology, which allows the 5G CPE to connect to any network in just one click. The 5G LTE network architecture to provide communication between smartphones, laptops, tablets, IOT and mutual work for all types of smart devices. twitter türk takipçi satın al

The EZE5G will provide a completely new experience of human and device interaction. With the EZELINK 5G WiFi CPE, users can experience all the benefits of high-speed 5G connectivity. 
EZELINK has significant experience in creating Enterprise & Carrier level WiFi devices, cloud solutions and Standalone WiFi network solutions.

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