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EZELINK Transformed Wi-Fi Connectivity at North Star Dubai with High Density Event Solution

EZELINK has successfully transformed the Wi-Fi connectivity landscape at North Star Dubai, playing a pivotal role in the world’s largest startup event that brought together over 100,000 innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. The high-density event solution implemented by EZELINK not only met but exceeded the colossal demand for seamless connectivity.

EZELINK at GITEX 2023: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Carrier, Enterprise and Transport Sectors

EZELINK, is set to make a significant impact at GITEX Technology Week 2023. Renowned for its innovative approach to connectivity, EZELINK aims to redefine the digital landscape with its state-of-the-art offerings designed to elevate the way businesses and individuals experience and interact with technology.

EZELINK is certified and approved by the Security Industries Regulatory Agency (SIRA)

EZELINK is delighted to announce its official certification and approval from the Security Industries Regulatory Agency (SIRA) for its exceptional GPS services designed for vehicles registered under the business category of rental vehicles in Dubai. Our commitment extends to ensuring that our clients’ vehicles are rigorously compliant with all government regulations and policies.

Temporary WiFi for Sports Stadiums, Events, Carnivals, and Commercial Exhibitions

Temporary WiFi for stadiums, sports events, carnivals, and commercial exhibitions is becoming a necessity as the world continues to rely on technology for communication and entertainment. In today’s connected world, people expect to have access to the internet at all times, and temporary WiFi is the solution for providing this service in large public spaces.

EZELINK Introduces AP2820 WiFi 6 Outdoor Access Point

AX2800 Outdoor WiFi 6 Access point offers faster speeds, better coverage, and enhanced security compared to previous Wi-Fi generations. The access point is designed to handle the unique challenges of outdoor environments, such as stadiums, parks, and other public spaces. 

EZELINK Elevates FIFA Fan Zones Experience in Qatar with Unprecedented Connectivity Solutions

In a groundbreaking move to transform the FIFA World Cup 2022 into a truly connected global spectacle, EZELINK, a leader in managed WiFi solutions, successfully implemented a comprehensive WiFi infrastructure across all Fan Zones and in transport vehicles, setting a new standard for seamless connectivity during the world’s most-watched sporting event.

High-quality Wi-Fi is the basis of modern hospitality and the engine of business

High-speed Wi-Fi is one of the foundations of hotel hospitality. When going on a trip and choosing a hotel, each of us takes into account the availability of Wi-Fi. Timely receipt of the necessary or desirable information is an extremely important category, and the fact that a modern hotel should have Internet access via Wi-Fi as an asset of its services is out of the question, and its absence may well become a reason for refusing accommodation. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether it is a large chain hotel or a boutique one, since the organization of WI-FI in a hotel is a mandatory measure to ensure the convenience of visitors and one of the main criteria for choosing a temporary place of residence.

Public Wi-Fi Role & Importance for the development of Smart Cities

In the future, a lot of things in smart cities will happen automatically: the application of the clinic, based on the data from the fitness bracelet, will sign up for a medical examination, and the city services will clean the trash can according to the data from the sensors. Artificial intelligence will identify people with weapons in the crowd, and the fire brigade will go to the place before the call of eyewitnesses – on a signal from video cameras.

Smart DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) Solution

DNS, DHCP, IPAM – together they form what we often refer to as DDI. They all work together to manage, assign, and resolve IP addresses and form an important part of any network. we explain below what each of these components are, what they are used for, and why you need them. Today we start… Read More

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      It is important for us to inform customers of our latest products and services. However, if you find that the information you receive is not relevant, we provide you the appropriate options to help you manage your communication preferences.

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