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    Published Date: 23-Dec-2019
EZELINK spoke about the global business development strategy

EZELINK shared its business development plans for the next few years. The main efforts will be aimed at creating a comprehensive ecosystem that combines all the popular types of connected devices and mobile services.

Thanks to the active development of 5G communication Guest wifi solutions technologies and artificial intelligence, the next decade will be the era of the “universal Internet”: all devices connected to wireless networks will freely interact with each other, offering users completely new, previously inaccessible opportunities. The development of artificial intelligence will simplify the interaction between devices and people, making it more natural due to voice and visual control.

Each connected device has a unique feature that exceeds the capabilities offered by a smartphone. For example, smart displays, such as the EZELINK Vision, differ in screen size and speaker power. Headphones EZELINK Wifi6 wireless solutions offer high quality sound and effective noise reduction, smartwatch EZELINK the WATCH, it’s always convenient to carry it with you, and car multimedia devices accept speech from a distance and have more powerful geolocation modules. In the future, all these devices will organically interact with each other. For example, if you do not like to carry a smartphone with you during training, you can safely leave it in the locker room, while the headphones will automatically connect to the smart watch so as not to leave you without your favorite music tracks.

In the intellectual ecosystem based EZELINK , uniting all kinds of connected devices, the hardware platform is EZELINK OneLink, computing power of the latest chips, a rich set of intelligent interfaces EZELINK and mobile services EZELINK Outdoor wifi solutions .

The computing platform for smart devices EZELINK OneLink is a key element of the ecosystem, opening up the possibilities of EZELINK, devices and cloud services for third-party development partners from around the world . Thus, access to the intelligent capabilities of EZELINK devices allows application developers to effectively reduce energy consumption when processing complex intelligent tasks on devices. Access to the capabilities of cloud services, in turn, covers not only the key components of Wifi solution the EZELINK Mobile Services platform , such as accounts, payments and message delivery services, but also integrates disparate third-party services into the structure of the EZELINK. instagram türk takipçi satın al

Currently, the OneLink package includes several basic tools: text recognition, image recognition, face recognition and code detection. Partners and application developers have already joined the OneLink ecosystem Hotel wifi solution .

New feature to appear on EZELINK already at the beginning of next year – multi-screen interaction between smartphones and PCs (Multi-screen Collaboration). It will greatly simplify the transfer of files between devices and will allow you to work more efficiently, combining the functionality of a smartphone with computing capabilities and a large laptop screen Guest-wifi solutions .

The strategy of building an ecosystem EZELINK called 1+5+ of N . The devices included in it can be divided into three levels, the central of which is occupied by smartphones (1), which serve as a portal for access to all other gadgets and services. The average level consists of 8 types of smart devices that perform auxiliary functions in various usage scenarios. Cloud managed wifi solutions These are smart watches, headphones, PCs, tablets, speakers, smart glasses, car multimedia centers and smart displays.

The external level includes countless (N) solutions from third-party partners, including smart home and office solutions, gadgets and applications for travel, fitness and health tracking, as well as audio and video devices. A common hardware and software platform allows all devices included in the ecosystem to access and use each other’s capabilities, to freely exchange information and content.

Today, EZELINK services are available to users in more than 7 countries, and the monthly active audience of the ecosystem is 5 million users. EZELINK has already invested $ 3 million in ecosystems and has allocated $ 1 million to support third-party application developers. To improve the quality of third-party applications, the company opened laboratories, located in different regions of the world, and third-party products specializing in testing.  

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