Published Date: 23-Dec-2022
High-quality Wi-Fi is the basis of modern hospitality and the engine of business

High-speed Wi-Fi is one of the foundations of hotel hospitality. When going on a trip and choosing a hotel, each of us takes into account the availability of Wi-Fi. Timely receipt of the necessary or desirable information is an extremely important category, and the fact that a modern hotel should have Internet access via Wi-Fi as an asset of its services is out of the question, and its absence may well become a reason for refusing accommodation. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether it is a large chain hotel or a boutique one, since the organization of WI-FI in a hotel is a mandatory measure to ensure the convenience of visitors and one of the main criteria for choosing a temporary place of residence.

Building any wireless network begins with the most basic task—oddly enough, building the network itself. How do you simplify the whole process and achieve maximum results?

First of all, let’s look at the requirements for access points and the solutions with which EZELINK fulfills these requirements. What do you need from a wireless network?

Resistance to interference and high signal quality: in hotels, the quality of the signal is greatly influenced by the surrounding space: walls, interior items, pipes, and engineering structures.

EZELNK access points detect and identify sources of interference, evaluate their impact on network performance, and then reconfigure the network to achieve the best performance under current conditions.The EZEConnect technology solves the problems of networks in which different client devices operate simultaneously, while increasing the transmission speed for 802.11a/g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac clients.

Seamless roaming is a topic that has set the teeth on edge, but has not lost its relevance. Seamless roaming keeps guests connected as they move around the hotel. It also allows you to keep the same IP address for the guest throughout the entire stay. Thanks to this guest, it is enough to log in to the hotel network once and then use the Internet in any room of the hotel: the lobby, restaurant, or private room.

Support for a large number of clients and high data transfer rates in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands must be intelligently managed for optimal load distribution.

EZELINK access points use SmartBand technology to differentiate client devices by frequency. If a device can connect to an access point at 5 GHz, it will operate on that frequency to offload the more commonly used 2.4 GHz radio band.

In addition, EZELINK access points automatically adjust the radio frequency channel, its width, and signal strength to eliminate coverage gaps in a dynamically changing radio environment.

Power points using PoE technology eliminate the need to install electrical outlets where they are inconvenient, EZELINK switches support providing remote power to access points using PoE technology.
Secure separation of the guest and corporate network – because the network is likely to be used by both hotel visitors and staff working in it! EZELINK wireless gateways implement detailed network access policies based on the user’s role (hotel guest, employee, visitor), network access method, device type, and application used.

Policies define access rights to different network segments, connection speed, restrictions, and the priority of applications used (Application Visibility and Control). This allows all employees and guests to use their own devices to connect without the risk of violating the information security of the corporate network.

The monetization of Wi-Fi networks is still a widely discussed topic, and for the hotel business, this topic is doubly important. How to monetize wireless networks in a hotel?

Wi-Fi Monetization

The EZELINK Smart WiFi Mobile Experience solution provides Wi-Fi-based insights that enable hoteliers to make better business decisions.

Heatmaps that provide information on which zone or site the target audience spends more time during the day or week, where the points of greatest concentration are located, what percentage of visitors are here for the first time, and how many of those who returned again. This is the most valuable business intelligence that is necessary for business development and that EZELINK Analytics can collect and process.

Loyal Guest Greetings – The network recognizes the guest and greets them when they enter the lobby. If this is a regular customer, then you can conduct an automatic check-in, provide a number, and turn the mobile device into a key;

Notifications about services and promotions depending on actions and location – using location data, you can send push notifications to the guest’s mobile device with certain promotional offers (for example, if the guest is in the pool, then he receives an offer to try cocktails at a discount, or the guest, passing by the store, receives a notification that he is offered discounts…);

Business automation and business analytics: using mobile devices of employees and knowing their locations, you can quickly respond to all the wishes of guests. By knowing the location of guests and tracking the guest flow, you can redirect staff to problem areas.

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