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    Published Date: 23-Dec-2019
Who is the “5G Leader,” or Analytics Tricks

Analytical surveys, which I often have to use in my work, are a real disaster. An incorrect question is posed, an irrelevant audience is selected, a completely inappropriate polling time is used (for example, on the sidelines of a conference when everyone is busy talking and listening to reports), and “voila,” the completely enchanting poll result is ready.

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Here is a striking example: the results of a survey commissioned by the American operator T-Mobile by the American research company HarrisX. The survey covered Guest wifi solutions a little more than 5,000 people of different ages, professions and levels of well-being and included the question “What company, in your opinion, is the 5G technology leader today?” (What One Company Do You Believe is the Leader in 5G Tech Today?).


The results of the responses are discouraging. Well, of course, the American operator Verizon really has a lot of 5G projects, and everyone is “hearing” in the US. However, Hotel wifi solution Apple, which does not expect 5G terminals until 2020, suddenly outstripped Samsung and Huawei in terms of rating (for obvious reasons , it did not get into the American rating at all). Both companies have 5G terminals expected this year. Anyway, Apple somehow was not seen in the intensive development of 5G technologies, unlike the same Samsung and Huawei …

Google has a rather interesting Google 5G Skybender project , which aims to provide 5G access using solar-powered drones. Cloud managed wifi solutions But this is only a concept with an unknown probability and timing of implementation. But in the third place in the ranking, this is clearly “not pulling.” Apparently, marketing works well with Google.

What is doing in the Wifi6 wireless solutions 5G rating of Microsoft, and even in fifth place, is also not very clear. Probably, among older Americans who were surveyed, there are many owners of smartphones with the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system (I myself had one, however, after a completely failed version of Windows Mobile 6.5, I switched to the then innovative Android).

AT&T , of course, is in the ranking, but their success in deploying 5G networks, in my opinion, is more noticeable than Verizon’s.

But T-Mobile itself, commissioned by a survey, let us down. Wifi solution Among the operators in the USA he is the third in the market, but his 5G rating is much inferior to AT&T and Verizon, although T-Mobile is also very active in the 5G market. Apparently, their PR department was underdeveloped.

And finally (fanfare!) Ericsson with an almost zero 5G rating! Meanwhile, Ericsson is a globally recognized technology leader in SDN / NFV technologies, which are the basis of 5G, on the heels of which Huawei comes and with a small margin Nokia. However, Nokia is ahead of Ericsson in the ranking. Probably the same elderly Americans who still use Outdoor wifi solutions Windows Mobile, he works on Nokia smartphones. And the name “Ericsson” is probably perceived by the Americans as the name of a Viking who landed on the continent 500 years before Columbus (they heard something).

It would be interesting to conduct the same survey in Europe and Asia.


Translation Source From Telecom & IT

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