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Sumitomo financial Group Office WiFi and real time network reporting

EZELINK office access points and wireless controller streamlined the deployment and management and enabled the IT team to monitor Wi-Fi performance and generate real-time reports. Extended Wi-Fi coverage to the building’s ground floor lobby, outdoor courtyard and lounge allowed employees to use their mobile devices and laptop computers when they are not physically in the office

5G in one hand: why did the authorities offer operators to create a consortium

To develop 5G, it is necessary to create a Guest wifi solutions unified national network on domestic equipment, it follows from the concept developed by order of the Ministry of Communications. Market participants categorically opposed such an approach. The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media (Minkomsvyaz) invited the largest mobile operators – Wifi6… Read More

The battle every day and hour: 2020 IT trends for hoteliers

Alexander Galochkin, founder and CEO of TravelLine (a developer of IT products and Guest wifi solutions ), tells how hotels can catch a wave of trends so that next year they will not go to the bottom 2020 may be a landmark for the hospitality industry. Those hotels that manage to catch the necessary trends… Read More

In the “Digital Economy” decided to enter the Internet for the military enlistment offices

The most “expensive” direction of the Guest wifi solutions state program “Digital Economy” – “Information Infrastructure” – can be supplemented with projects such as high-speed Internet access to the network of military commissariats By the end of 2021, as part of the Digital Economy program, a high-speed fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) to the Autonomous Region… Read More

SD-WAN for the financial sector

The introduction of Guest wifi solutions SD-WAN technology allows you to increase the efficiency of managing a geographically distributed corporate data network, simplify work through an affiliate network, and even provide additional services to customers. In the period of digital transformation, when information technologies from a component supporting a Wifi6 wireless solutions are gradually turning… Read More

The new WiFi6 standard increases the data transfer speed, the number of terminal devices simultaneously served and creates the prerequisites for the further development of the Internet of things.

The number of devices on the World Wide Web is growing rapidly. According to EZELINK, in 2022 there will be six devices connected in Guest wifi solutions to the Internet for every person. The bottleneck for the development of IT infrastructure that provides users and Internet of things elements access to data centers and the applications running… Read More

Modern transport solutions for the “last mile” of 5G networks

The introduction of 5G stimulates the mobile industry to apply advanced optical technologies. Existing 2G / 3G / 4G networks Guest wifi solutions are built, as a rule, on the basis of the so-called distributed architecture of a radio access network (Distributed RAN, D-RAN), in which the components of the base station are the digital… Read More

Fast, faster, fastest: Wi-Fi 6 and cable environments

In order for the potential of Wi-Fi 6 wireless solutions to be fully realized, the cable system to which the access points are connected must be correctly designed and installed. It is important to consider a number of factors, including remote power supply. People are using more and more mobile and portable devices – smartphones, tablets,… Read More

Who is the “5G Leader,” or Analytics Tricks

Analytical surveys, which I often have to use in my work, are a real disaster. An incorrect question is posed, an irrelevant audience is selected, a completely inappropriate polling time is used (for example, on the sidelines of a conference when everyone is busy talking and listening to reports), and “voila,” the completely enchanting poll result… Read More

Digital Economy 2019: Achievements and Challenges

Domestic digitalization processes are in full swing, and in terms of the number of Guest wifi solutions Internet connections of socially significant objects, UAE is even ahead of the schedule, but there are still a lot of problems in the field of legislation. Achievements and plans The greatest successes were achieved in the direction of… Read More

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