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Central authentication standardizes the WiFi experience

Hotel brands of all sizes seeking to create a seamless WiFi experience across their various properties will need to consider a central guest WiFi platform to offset the challenges of disparate systems and service providers worldwide.

Bay Avenue Public WiFi enhanced the user shopping experience

Public WiFi Indoor/outdoor Mall WiFi, serving up to 25,000 visitors every month Brand Recognition Branded captive portal to promote the brand, along with gathering user information Bandwidth Management User login interval, maximum allowed logins, daily bandwidth quota and number of logins. Challenge The key challenges during the project were outdoor installation on the facade to… Read More

Yusufov’s company developed a smart city strategy for Sochi

NIITS Vitaly Yusufova has developed a smart city strategy for Sochi. One of the proposals is to create an electronic register of Sochi hotels and a system of accounting for tourist expenses The National Research Institute for Technology and Communications (NIITS), the subsidiary of Aikominvest of businessman Vitaly Yusufov, has developed a smart city strategy… Read More

5G in one hand: why did the authorities offer operators to create a consortium

To develop 5G in Russia, it is necessary to create a unified national network on domestic equipment, it follows from the concept developed by order of the Ministry of Communications. Market participants categorically opposed such an approach. The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media (Minkomsvyaz) invited the largest mobile operators – MTS, MegaFon,… Read More

The battle every day and hour: 2020 IT trends for hoteliers

Alexander Galochkin, founder and CEO of TravelLine (a developer of IT products and solutions for hoteliers), tells how hotels can catch a wave of trends so that next year they will not go to the bottom 2020 may be a landmark for the hospitality industry. Those hotels that manage to catch the necessary trends and… Read More

Analysts ranked the most downloaded applications of the decade

Full dominance in the segment of downloaded applications showed the company Facebook. Four products belonging to her led the rating. In total, there were eight applications developed in the United States, and two created in China The analytical company App Annie has published ratings of the most downloaded applications and games over the past decade,… Read More

WhatsApp allowed users to control group invitations

The messenger replaced the settings of the circle of persons who can invite the user to groups. When the function is enabled, this user will receive an invitation from the group administrator WhatsApp messenger adjusted privacy settings to limit the number of people who can add users to group chats. This is stated in the… Read More

Bitcoin “Creator” Accused of $ 5 Billion Fraud

A cybersecurity expert was accused of appropriating cryptocurrency and technology for $ 5 billion. Bitcoins were mined by his company partner, who died in 2013. Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, has been accused in the United States of scamming more than $ 5 billion in cryptocurrencies and other assets from a computer security company’s… Read More

In the “Digital Economy” decided to enter the Internet for the military enlistment offices

The most “expensive” direction of the state program “Digital Economy” – “Information Infrastructure” – can be supplemented with projects such as high-speed Internet access to the network of military commissariats By the end of 2021, as part of the Digital Economy program, a high-speed fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) to the Autonomous Region will be laid… Read More

SD-WAN for the financial sector

The introduction of SD-WAN technology allows you to increase the efficiency of managing a geographically distributed corporate data network, simplify work through an affiliate network, and even provide additional services to customers. In the period of digital transformation, when information technologies from a component supporting a business are gradually turning into a tool for making… Read More

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It is important for us to inform customers of our latest products and services. However, if you find that the information you receive is not relevant, we provide you the appropriate options to help you manage your communication preferences.