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EZELINK continues to expand its Middle East Footprint, opening Muscat branch office

EZELINK is glad to announce the opening of another branch office in Muscat that will primarily offer sales, consulting and after-sales support for our existing and upcoming clients in Oman. As part of EZELINK’s expansion strategy, the Muscat branch is one of the several locations EZELINK operates in GCC besides Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh.

WiFi Solution for High Density, Temporary & Short Term Events

A large number of users (up to several thousand) are concentrated in a limited area. Often, such events have a main conference room, which brings together almost all participants (plus speakers, organizers) who need Internet access. You also need to organize Wi-Fi in other rooms with a lower density of users.

Dubai Marine WiFi 6 Solution and Centralized Network Management Public

Public WiFi Indoor/outdoor WiFi, serving up to 50,000 visitors every month Brand Recognition Branded captive portal to promote the brand, along with gathering user information Bandwidth Management User login interval, maximum allowed logins, daily bandwidth quota and number of logins. Challenge The key challenges during the project were outdoor installation on the facade to cover… Read More

Modern Office Wi-Fi Solution and Network Security

Wi-Fi in the office is convenient, but not always secure Office Wi-Fi can be a weak point in your security system. Almost every office has its own Guest wifi solutions, and sometimes there is more than one. In the modern world, it is difficult to do without wireless Internet: few people want to connect laptops using a cable, and with smartphones and tablets this is often completely impossible. However, a wireless network can be a weak point in your IT infrastructure.

WiFi Solution For Everyone (SME, Hotels, Cafes, Healthcare, Education & Telecom

EZELINK reliable and high-quality Guest wifi solutions equipment with extensive research & development in wireless technologies delivering successful projects in every industry irrespective of their size and complexity. Our specialists have the appropriate education, knowledge and experience, so you can rely on us.

DHCP Server Complete Guide

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) assigns IP addresses to devices on a network. It centralizes address ownership so that no single device on the network has a permanent address. DHCP is part of the TCP / IP suite of protocols and is considered an application layer protocol in the TCP / IP stack.

DDI / IPAM Systems to Solve Your IP Addressing

DNS, DHCP, IPAM – together they form what we often call DDI. They all work together to manage, assign and resolve IP addresses and form an important part of any network.Read on as we explain what each of these components are, what they are used for, and why you need them.

We invite you to visit us at HITEC 2021 stand, hospitality technology event at the DWTC, Dubai

The EZELINK annually participates in the biggest and prestigious Hospitality Technology Event, invites you from May 31st to June 2nd, 2021 to visit our stand at the HITEC, DWTC, Hall 4, Dubai, UAE We present the exposition “WiFi6 and 5G Products specialized for Hospitality Industry”, the key element of which is a next generation high… Read More

Smart City & WiFi Around the Globe

In 2020, the world will spend $ 124 billion on the smart city industry. Citizens can already receive documents, make appointments with doctors and pay fines online. In the future, a lot in smart cities will happen automatically: the application of the polyclinic based on the data from the fitness bracelet will register for a… Read More


WIFI 6 – – the new standard for wireless networks, with even more bandwidth and security Advantages over 802.11ac Minimize wireless connection failures 3x speed increase Ability to transfer significantly more data Reducing battery consumption by improving energy efficiency Improvements for 2.4 GHz band Integration with 5G networks Since the standard is still being certified,… Read More

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      It is important for us to inform customers of our latest products and services. However, if you find that the information you receive is not relevant, we provide you the appropriate options to help you manage your communication preferences.

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